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  • Time travel? Everyone knows that's impossible!

    In the past, people considered space travel to be science fiction. In the future, the time machine will become as commonplace as the space shuttle, eventually allowing ordinary citizens to travel to far-off centuries and historical events! When you purchase a time travel certificate from Voyage In Time, you secure your investment in the future!

  • I will be dead by the time the time machine is invented, why should I invest in time travel now?

    Thanks to Voyage In Time, it won't matter if you're alive or dead when the time travel becomes a reality! The purchase of your time travel certificate ensures that your present, living self can be picked up from the future to travel to the destinations and times you have determined. Meet your ancestors, your future self, or your descendants many generations down the line - the possibilities are virtually limitless!

  • What do I get when I purchase a time travel certificate?

    A time travel certificate from Voyage In Time is an official confirmation of your future time travel experience. This document is provided on tasteful parchment paper and is elegant enough to frame and display in your home, office, or anywhere you wish to exhibit your adventurous plans for the future! A sample certificate can be viewed here. Furthermore, your purchase will establish a personal fund which will be managed and invested by Voyage In Time, eventually financing your future journey to the time destination you wish.

  • How does this work?

    When you decide to invest in your future with Voyage In Time, you will be charged a nominal fee of just 21 dollars, after which you will receive your time travel certificate. Your investment is then placed in high-return, minimal-risk funds over the next decades and centuries, where it will grow into a sum which will eventually cover the costs of your future journey. After time travel becomes commonplace in the future, you will be picked up from the past - today's present or any other specified point in your lifetime - and brought to the moment of your choosing.

  • How does the money grow in my fund? 

    Your initial investment with Voyage In Time will be managed over decades and centuries by our experienced and competent financial advisers. Calculated investments in high-return, low-risk ventures ensure that your personal fund will grow to massive proportions over time, enabling sufficient coverage of the future cost of the time travel you have chosen.

  • Can I give time travel certificates as gifts?

    Of course! The gift of time travel is surely one of the most unique and exciting gifts one could receive! Certificates for your friends and family members ensure that they will have the possibility to share this amazing experience of time travel with you.  If you are purchasing a time travel certificate as a gift, the information to be entered (on the "Book Time Travel" page) is that of the gift recipient. Please ensure that the name and address of the recipient are spelled correctly! You may choose to enter a gift message in the "Greetings" field - or leave it blank and surprise your recipient anonymously!

  • Am I limited to one certificate per person?

    Absolutely not! In fact, the purchase of multiple time travel certificates will expedite your travel and ensure that you are at the front of the line when the time machine begins its voyages! Furthermore, you may not be satisfied with only one voyage in time - imagine all the different historical eras and future civilizations you'll want to visit! Multiple time travel certificates will allow you more flexibility in determining the time, place, and frequency of your voyages.

  • Why would I want to travel in time?

    Why wouldn't you want to travel in time? The possibilities to enrich your present life through future time travel are virtually endless! Meeting long-dead ancestors, connecting with future generations of your current offspring, or visiting historical events in the past or future are only some of the limitless opportunities that time travel will afford you! In the upcoming decades and centuries, technological breakthroughs may be developed that could improve vitality, eliminate debilitating illness, or even resuscitate the dead or extend life indefinitely. Imagine being given the possibility to apply these future medical developments to your current ailments, or even live your life several centuries into the future! Voyage In Time offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is not to be passed up!

  • Can I buy a time travel certificate for my pet?

    Certainly! We assume that there will be no technical or biological hindrances to having your pet accompany you on your voyage in time. However, we will require that you and your pet make the journey together - meaning that your pet must be alive and in your possession at the time of your planned pickup.

  • Can I purchase a time travel certificate for a deceased friend or relative?

    Unfortunately, although it may well be technically possible to do so, the decision to be resuscitated or undergo medical rejuvenation is a highly personal one. We will therefore not allow this service due to ethical concerns.

  • What happens if the holder of a time travel certificate decides to commit suicide?

    In the unfortunate event that a certificate holder takes his or her own life, we shall declare the according certificate as null and void.