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The use of the Voyage in Time website and its contents are subject to the terms and conditions as stipulated below. No portion of the site may be copied, distributed, reproduced or sold without explicit permission from the authorities. Registration at Voyage in Time indicates your agreement to the terms and conditons of service. Voyage in Time retains the unconditional right to modify our terms of service at any point in time. We may or may not inform our users of the change in advance. All features, specials, discounts or tools introduced from time to time fall under the conditions of the terms of service applicable at that point in time. Your usage of tools and services on the website indicates your automatic agreement to these changes in terms. Updated terms and conditions will always be available on the respective section of the website.

Terms and conditions to use our site:

- You must be at least 13 years of age in order to use our services.
- Valid email ID's and contact details must be provided when you register on our site. If at any point of time these details are found to be invalid then your account will be terminated unconditionally and indefinitely.
- Usage of Voyage in Time is subject to the applicable laws of your state. Any user found violating any of his or her state specific laws will be prohibited from further use.
- Usage of the site for unauthorized access, acts or illegal purposes will not be tolerated and can result in legal or punitive action.

Any violation of the aforementioned terms of service will result in permanent and indefinite suspension or cancellation of the account.

Terms of payment:

- We accept payment from all major providers such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa etc.
- The payment amounts may vary from time to time and price increases are performed taking into account website maintenance costs, legal fees, payment towards the certificate and various other parameters.
- The fees charged will not be including taxes, levies and other duties that maybe applicable depending on which state or country you belong to.

Warranties / Guarantees:

- We do not guarantee the invention of a time machine at any point in time. All time travel experiences as stipulated in the certificate are dependent on the invention of the time machine. In the event that invention of a time machine in the future fails to occur, Voyage in Time is not held accountable in any manner whatsoever. Registration and payment at Voyage in Time automatically implies the user's acknowledgment of this disclaimer.
- Should time machine invention occur after the death of the user, Voyage in Time does not guarantee medical resuscitation in the future. Any implied practice of medical rejuvenation or reanimation is purely dependent on the current medical technologies at the applicable time.
- The concept of time travel is purely hypothetical until the time that a time machine is invented. The time travel certificate provided by Voyage in Time is likewise hypothetical and will become effective only if and when a time machine is invented and time travel becomes possible. In the event that time travel does not become a possibility, Voyage in Time will not be held accountable or responsible.
- The appearance of the time travel certificate as displayed as a sample on the website is subject to change. Voyage in Time does not assume responsibility for variances of said certificate.

Termination or cancellation of account:

- The user bears entire responsibility for any and all cancellation procedures. In the event that a user wishes to terminate or cancel the account he or she shall follow the appropriate guidelines as described on the website.
- A refund of payment shall be granted if cancellation is performed within 14 days from the date of registration. Cancellation beyond this period will not incur any refund whatsoever.
- Voyage in Time reserves the right to terminate or cancel your account with or without prior notice. Such termination or cancellation will prevent you from accessing your time travel certificate in the future. We also retain the right to withhold the cause of the account cancellation.