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Does the prospect of time travel excite you? Have you dreamed of visiting or perhaps even living in far-off centuries in the past or future? Securing your personal time travel certificate is just the first step in creating this future reality! Imagine being able to share this incredible opportunity with your family and friends!

Simply tell a friend!

It's now possible to share this opportunity of a lifetime with your friends and family! Better yet, when your friends sign up for their time travel certificates from Voyage in Time, you'll receive a discount! Your nominal investment of 21 dollars secures your genuine, high-quality time travel certificate: proof that you are eligible for time travel in the future - even if that means hundreds of years from now! Your initial fee will be invested over the next centuries by our competent advisers until it grows to a sum large enough to cover the costs of your journey. Voyage in Time will then send the time machine into the past to a point in your life of your choosing to pick up your current self - and your friends! Just tell your friends about this unbelievable opportunity - and remember, the more friends you recruit to travel with you, the greater your discount will be!

How does this work?

Your initial investment of just 21 dollars procures your high-quality time travel certificate. This money is then put into a fund where it is invested and accumulates interest for your future time travel experience. When a time machine is invented in the future, your investment will have reached proportions sufficient to fund your time travel! Imagine the possibilities - being medically rejuvenated and living a second lifetime with your descendants many centuries from now, being able to see firsthand into the future, witnessing historical events in the past... the potential adventures are virtually limitless! It is truly the chance of a lifetime - and one that you will want to experience with friends and family! And best of all - the more friends and family that decide to travel with you, the greater your discount will be! Don't waste another moment - book today!

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