• Step 1. Invest $21 in time travel fund and receive official certificate
  • Step 2. Your fund grows extensively until the time machine is invented
  • Step 3. Your investments finance your ticket on the time machine
  • Step 4. Dreams become reality Travel in Time!
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  • Time travel? Everyone knows that's impossible!

    In the past, people considered space travel to be science fiction. In the future, the time machine will become as commonplace as the space shuttle, eventually allowing ordinary citizens to travel to far-off centuries and historical events! When you purchase a time travel certificate from Voyage In Time, you secure your investment in the future!

  • I will be dead by the time the time machine is invented, why should I invest in time travel now?

    Thanks to Voyage In Time, it won't matter if you're alive or dead when the time travel becomes a reality! The purchase of your time travel certificate ensures that your present, living self can be picked up from the future to travel to the destinations and times you have determined. Meet your ancestors, your future self, or your descendants many generations down the line - the possibilities are virtually limitless!

  • What do I get when I purchase a time travel certificate?

    A time travel certificate from Voyage In Time is an official confirmation of your future time travel experience. This document is provided on tasteful parchment paper and is elegant enough to frame and display in your home, office, or anywhere you wish to exhibit your adventurous plans for the future! A sample certificate can be viewed here. Furthermore, your purchase will establish a personal fund which will be managed and invested by Voyage In Time, eventually financing your future journey to the time destination you wish.

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